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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week 1 - Make It Sparkle

A Year's Challenge
I found this challenge through Jenna Froggy at I'm Still Thinking... and decided it was a good way to finally start a nail blog - plus, it's a weekly challenge which is a lot more realistic for my habits than a daily challenge. Sorry..no cleanup on this one, but here is my very first post!

Milani One Coat Glitter - Silver Dazzle, Two coats
Base: Sally Hansen Quick Care Growth Treatment
Top: NYC - Grand Central Station

Let me just say the hype on Miliani One Coat Glitters is justified! One coat really was [almost] good enough for this blingy rockerish glitter bomb. Silver Dazzle is a dense mess of silver micro glitter darkened by black micro glitter. It reminds me of graphite, or glittery heels. This polish dries fast like a lot of glitters, but definitely textured - if you mind, you're going to want to use a thicker glitter-taming top coat.

I picked this polish up during Milani's Cyber Monday sale (50% off + free shipping) for around $2.50.


  1. that looks awesome! i tried to get some polishes during that sale and the website just wasn't working =\ glad you got yours tho!

  2. That is cute!! I love sparkle nail polish :)
    -New follower from Blog hop

  3. My god, that's gorgeous! Brb, polish shopping at CVS!

  4. Welcome to the Blogging World! You'll really enjoy it, I promise. :D
    The color is really pretty. It's like charcoal but really girly.


  5. Ahhh I loved that sale - I got the 3D polishes. Love the color and great pics! I'm also doing the challenge. Good luck to us both!

  6. I got 4 of the 6 3d polishes but I wish I got them all! It was such a deal, too :(

  7. I remember it taking about an hour to confirm my order - I thought it was just my internet connection, but maybe not! I'm sorry you didn't get to order :(

    Thanks for being my very first comment and follow :)

  8. Mine too forever and I thought it didn't go through, so I placed it again later - and I ended up with two orders! haha. I have TWO sets of the Milani HD polishes. My computer hates me.

  9. I nominated you for an award. You can see it at http://www.glitterobsession.com/2012/01/im-someones-liebster.html

  10. wait, my order doubled too! did you get charged twice?? I ordered with a friend though, so we shared our doubles.
    Did you happen to get doubles of the pink and gold? I regrettedly didn't get those.. *nudge nudge

  11. ohhhh this is a really really pretty color!

  12. Wow, great deal! I just got this one too and you're right, it is amazing! It's one of my new favorites. I'm a new follorwer and also participating in the challenge :)

  13. Oh I love the Milani glitters!

  14. Ahh, love!  I tried to buy this but it was sold out!  Do want, haha.


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