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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sinful Sunday - Timbleberry and Pinterest

If you hate toes, I'm sorry I didn't warn you.
I don't like feet.  Why would I show them to the internet? I Don't know.  I actually have very paintable toenails, but my toes are weird! Or at least they feel weird.  My toes are seriously curly, and make pretty shoes hurt my feet.  Anyway, I used a heavily effect-ed phone photo of this ever popular shade to try to keep everybody's eyes in their sockets.

 I've included a swatch stick in the photo so you don't have to stare at my feet!

 Sinful Colors - Timbleberry, One coat
No base, no top

Timbleberry is somewhere between pink and corally orange.  Since context always helps, here is Timbleberry with some Sinful Colors cousins.  Left to Right: Cream Pink, Timbleberry, Hazard

For my toes, I like to keep it simple.  Something pigmented enough for one coat, no base coat, no top coat, no cleanup.  I don't even like using remover on my toes - I just let the polish chip off slowly...Also, I find myself wearing mostly pinks and corals all year, unlike many people who would rather go crazier on their toes.  Do you care as much about your toes as your fingers? I sure don't.

Now let's talk about Pinterest!

If you noticed, the blog post title says "and Pinterest." Why? My Nail Polish board passed 100 followers today! I'm not a consistenly avid pinner, but I pin things that catch my eye when I'm not on Google Reader (I mostly just star things there and forget them, bad!).  I never meant for people to follow this board, but apparently they do! Are you a pinner sinner too? Follow me if you'd like. :)

Hopefully you weren't an April Fool Today! See you soon for this week's challenge and some award tags!


  1. What a gorgeous colour!!  It looks fantastic on you! :D

  2. I like your toes! I do like pedicures and I like my tootsies to look nice, but I only get them done like every 4-6 weeks. I generally always wear a glitter though. I live in south Texas so I wear flip flops 10 months out of the year, so I try to keep them at least passable so people don't vomit when they see my feet!

  3. I love this color, it's so vibrant! Haha and I'm totally not into my toes as much as my fingerenails, right now I have on supposedly mood-changing  polish from Claire's that's lasted a few weeks. Will probably remove it once it starts to chip. Yay pinterest! I've just started and I'm hooked! Now following!


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