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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 22 - Splatter

Only an Instagram photo because I took it off right away - too many layers, too little patience.  As you can see, this isn't a splatter manicure, but the straws were giving me a hard time.  I'll try again when I'm not hanging out by a fountain in humid nail polish bubbling weather.  The colors here are:
Wet N' Wild - French White Creme
Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine
Sally Girl - Epic
Essence Colour and Go - Nude It

Okay, see you soon! Crossing my fingers on that.  Not posting is wasteful.


  1. This is very pretty, sorry it didn't turn out so well for you, though.

  2. Nice! I need to find some straws to do this one. I'm so behind!

  3. It's not so bad :) Have you got any June-inspired nails by any chance? If so, we're having a nail art contest over on Dazzle Dry's Facebook page. Hopefully you might find something you can submit? Have a great day!

  4. This was a tough one! I was going to try real splattering but cheated instead by using a stamp ;D I just couldn't imagine cleaning up such a mess lol. I know, what a baby I am! I still think its cute, you did a good job.


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