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Monday, July 2, 2012

Essence Colour and Go - Nude It

Nude Lobster?
My fingers look so red here...this color is a lot more flattering in real life, I promise.

Essence Colour and Go - Nude It
Essence Colour and Go - Nude It, Two coats
Top Coat: NYC - Grand Central Station
I know this is Instagram effected, but at least it proves that I'm not a lobster, and shows you guys my angel wing ring!

I'm at the point in every hoarder's life where I feel guilty and want to sell all of my polish. I have nowhere near enough time to get through them all, and don't need 100s of bottles to catch up (oops) with the challenge...conflicted.


  1. The ring is great. Pretty nude shade.

  2. Very pretty on you! Love that ring, too.

  3. They don't look so red. 

    Have you used any drying drops of any brand? I am thinking about trying some out, but wanted to know if you had any input on brands first.

  4. I'm also have this nail polish and I love it!
    Mai from My F&B Corner International Giveaway in my blog .


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