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Monday, January 16, 2012

Nail Mail/Hauls

My Recent Acquisitions!
Would you believe me if I said I paid ~$17 for everything in this photo? That's 9 bottles, 6 pens, 2 sets of nail strips, and a gel manicure! I received my Julep penny box, got my first giveaway prizes, took advantage of some drugstore sales, and crossed some polishes off my wishlist.

I decided to take advantage of the penny boxes Julep was offering in December and chose the It Girl option.  Pictured is Leah, Hayden (aka Amanda), Megan, Fast Dry Top Coat, and samples of the Age Defying Hand Brightener and Glycolic Hand Scrub.  I'm not sure if these colors are really my fancy, but I of course wanted the box with more colors.  Are you jealous? Well check this out!

Julep is offering the $0.01 deal again! The new code is NEWYEAR2012
I think it's obvious but this was definitely worth a penny, and you can cancel if you're unhappy! So take the quiz and get started HERE (this is my referral link).

Here are my first giveaway wins! On the left is Zoya Jem and Anja thanks to Concrete and Nail Polish and Verve 360 Pittsburgh Hair Salons.  On the right is Nutra Nail Gel Perfect in Sheer Pink thanks to Get Whit It and Nutra Nail. Thank you guys for convincing me winning giveaways isn't impossible! :)

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Plaid About You and Groove.  Plaid About You was on clearance for around $5 along with the rest of the winter designs at Rite Aid.  Groove was a gift from my enabler, who hasn't seen this blog yet.  Secrets!

I got rid of the cheesy, space-wasting box, but this is all from the Sally Hansen Nail Glam Party Pack.  I know a lot of people have been disappointed with past versions of this box, but this year was a good one for stampers.  Every box was different, but I got 5 Color Quick Chrome pens, a Maximum Growth Plus Top Coat, a Quick Care Strengthener for Brittle Nails, a french tip pen I gave away (not the felt tip), a nail file, and clippers.  I have the old Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup which I love love love for stamping, and I've seen people rave about these pens for the same purpose.  These make me want to get back into stamping!

(Clockwise from top) Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pens in Pink Chrome, Gold Chrome, Green Chrome, Turquoise Chrome, and Purple Chrome.  Pretty self explanatory.

Here are two polishes I had been pining over! Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine and Finger Paints - Asylum.  I also picked up Twisted, but my friend and I are trying to cut down on buying polish and are going to trade them off.  Smart, right? Unfortunately, the flakie I wanted most (Motley) was the ONLY one they ran out of.  I'm a little upset about that.

I'm also upset because there should be more in this photo.  The cashier at Sally's didn't give us the reduced price on a lot of items we bought.  The store was closing, so I didn't think to check my receipt until it was too late.  Has anyone had anything like this happen to them at Sally? Is there some weird rule about not getting clearance prices when you sign up for a Sally's card?

Lastly, I wanted to show you some cosmetics I've picked up.  I decided to try Physicians Formula out because a lot of their products are on clearance now.  Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Shadow and Liner Pop Brown Eyes, Creme Liner for Hazel Eyes, Mascara for Glam Hazel Eyes, Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain in Cranberry Crush, Sally Girl Eye Shadow Connecting Compacts in Champagne, Olive, Blue Marine, Midnight, and Charcoal.  I also bought an ELF concealer brush for manicure cleanup, but I'm not sure if I'll end up using it.

Okay, that's it! I talk a lot...


  1. I love the nail pens, but only for stamping. If you want to use them as a nail polish I would recommend decanting them into an empty bottle because that brush is TERRIBLE! as for the sally's thing, every store I go to seems to be different. I bought the same polish at 2 different stores on the same day and paid a different price at both places. Very strange... Congratulations on your wins!!

  2. Oh nice haul! You got a lot of nice new polishes. I loved the Special Effects polishes that I had to get all of them, I need to cut down on how much I buy.

    Sucks about them not applying the Sally's car discount, I definitely would not buy as much as I do their if they didn't apply the discount.


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