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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 3 - Color Block

Painter's Block
For this challenge, I wanted to recreate the look of paint chips and color palettes.  Unfortunately I don't have any striping tape, so I tried to cut scotch tape into thin strips.  I still didn't like the look, so I removed this right after I took these photos.  I'll show you what I replaced it with soon!

Wet N' Wild - French White Creme, Two coats
Julep - Hayden (Amanda)
Essie - Mesmerize
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Fairy Teal
Sinful Colors - Nirvana 
Base: Sally Hansen Quick Care Growth Treatment
Top: NYC - Grand Central Station

This took too long to do just to remove right away...but it happens, right? Next week's challenge should turn out better because I'm going to take a break on cutting up tape.


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I love it and think you did an excellent job!

  2. I am loving this! I like that white contrast underneath and the unexpected (but beautiful) color combo. Nice work!

  3. lovely color choices! I had no idea you layered this over white at first, looks so nice :D

  4. I love this! The colors are great together!


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