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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 2 - French Tip

Don't Get Too Close!
I've updated last post's Urban Outfitters - Matte Grey 4 to go with this week's theme: French Tip.  I'm resisting removing this for a little while because even though it's all dinged up, I like the colors and it does look fine from afar. I love yellow and grey together, and my right hand was inspired by a swimsuit I saw at Target the other day (maybe it's less neon and less orange than I remembered).

Urban Outfitters - Matte Grey 4, One coat
Sinful Colors Striper - Me First, Tips
Chanel - Orange Fizz, Tips
Base: Sally Hansen Quick Care Growth Treatment
Top: Essie - Matte About You

I tried to use a small paintbrush for the tips, but I should have used the original brushes to begin with.  They got thick and smudgy, and my right hand is already demolished.  The only color that wasn't really matte was Orange Fizz, but I used Matte About You to try and even everything out.


  1. Looks great! I like this color combination... a little bit inexpected! Nice!

  2. Awesome nails! Great color combos - and neat pics!

  3. Mmm Orange Fizz.... I reallly like how this came out! Really reminds me of sneakers with neon shoelaces. Beautiful and retro! 80s style :D

  4. love this color combo, lovely manicure :-D

  5. great colours! they go so well together!!


  6. That is an awesome combination, I love the matte polish base.

  7. that is really pretty! Matte polish FTW!

  8. Oooh, I like the color combos! And, I really like the neons! (Neon seems to be the big thing this spring/summer...)

  9. That's great! I love the color combo you did and that it's matte

  10. Woow! A like this color combinations! And this matte effect... it's a great job!
    Isa from IsaBella's World

  11. I Looooooooooooove the matte!!!


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