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Friday, January 20, 2012

Preview: February 2012 Julep Maven Boxes

Now's the Time!
If you haven't started Julep yet, you should do it now.  This $0.01 deal probably won't last long, and I'm liking the previews I'm seeing for the February boxes! Glitter, Golden Mystery Boxes, and Oscar Giveaways? They have my attention! More information after the jump:

This last image is from my email, because I chose the It Girl/Polish Lover box last month.  Now let me point out these two things from this image:
  • You won't want to skip this month! You could win a GOLDEN MYSTERY BOX with over $100 of Julep beauty
  • Julep will be at the Oscars! Join our LIVE Facebook event Sunday, February 26 featuring fashion details, giveaways, and more!
So along with the penny deal, I'd say this is a great month to start.  Remember the code is NEWYEAR2012 and you can start by taking the quiz HERE.  (This is my referral link)

As for myself, I can't decide.  I like being a Polish Lover, but Elizabeth doesn't tickle my fancy at all.  In fact, I'd take any of the colors over her (except maybe Marisa, who looks like a similar concept).  Also, I'd love to have the cuticle oil.  I originally got American Beauty on the quiz, but I am not really a red polish wearer.  Talk about a crisis! What would you do?

Oh one more thing - if I have 2 free boxes lined up, how do I tell if they're using my credits instead of charging me? Would I have to use both this month, or can I save the second one? Thanks in advance, if anybody knows!


  1. I'm an "It Girl" too and I also wasn't all that jazzed over Elizabeth. I really LOVE the other 2 colors though so I figured I will probably just use Elizabeth for stamping and frankens!  :)

  2. Stacy, do you have a blog link? You're always reading my entries and I want to return the favor if I can! Thanks :)

  3. Ha!  That's so sweet of you to ask!  I don't blog though, just obsessively read other polish addicts blogs!  :)

  4. p.s. I'm a fellow Michigander,  Kalamazoo!  :)

  5. I'm from AA! and I know how it is, I was just an obsessive reader for a while but finally took the plunge..I wanted to find a newbie blogger friend - you should do it!

  6. Oh, I'm so jealous!!  You have Ashleys!!  If I was gonna blog (which I'm not, don't get excited, haha!) it would be something like "Nails and Shoes and Beers, Oh My!".  I just don't feel like I have enough to say, or the time to say it!

  7. Yes, Ashleys! haha
    Well let me know if you do start one (nudge nudge) or want to swap or something!

  8. I'm an it girl too! i think elizabeth is kinda pretty.....maybe you'll like it better in person.

  9.  actually, it was nicer in person! but I have a similar polish that I have to compare it to..plus, I have a bad association with the name :/


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