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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 4 - Plaid

 Plaid About You
I know, I cheated by using nail polish strips! I really wanted to use these though, and they went with this week's theme.  I'll put more effort into plaid another day...Also, I know I'm repeating Shuffle the Deck already but it matches perfectly, no? Read on for tips to save strips, and a wonderful stamping chrome polish!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Plaid About You
  Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup - Pure Chrome, One coat
Wet N' Wild Spoiled - Shuffle the Deck, One coat

Top: NYC - Grand Central Station
I picked this plaid pattern up on clearance from Rite Aid for half price, resisting the other reduced and cute ambiguous-enough wintery designs.  The pack comes with two sealed packages, each containing 8 strips - so 16 total.  This is my second time using the Sally Hansen nail polish strips, and I was able to use only 5 for both hands! Yes, that's two nails per strip! I did have some slightly curled edges, probably from working too slow.  Anyway, if you've got some tiny scissors (to cut the wider sizes down so you don't have to open the second pack) and work efficiently, you can save the rest for another use like me.  Happiness!

Now, my Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup is old old old old old.  I think I got it for literally 25 cents around middle school.  Back then I though it was a ridiculous nail color and only got it because it was dirt cheap, but now I've fallen in love with it! It is the BEST stamping polish I have and is so opaque.  It smells disgusting and is probably the farthest thing from 3 free, but if you don't mind that, you need it!

Retro artsy shots.

Being vain.  To think I used to hate the accent nail!

My insomnia is fading now, but expect a Nail Mail/Haul post very soon!


  1. These are gorgeous, and I never saw anything about not using the strips!!!  LOL     Great job  :)

  2. I think they look cute! I hear they were hard to apply so it's not like it didn't take some effort and skill :D I do an accent nail on most of my manis. I think it adds a different dimention to it like a coordinating option :)

  3. They're pretty convenient once you get the hang of it! I love being able to go to bed without fear of sheet marks.  Plus, I've been using them because my mom can't stand nail polish fumes, and the smell on these is significantly muted.

  4. WOW WOW WOW! i love your naildesigns! Looks great!



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