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Friday, March 23, 2012

Franken Friday: 1

Disappearing Glitter
Starting a Franken Friday because I figure it can make up for slacking on Sinful Sundays and vice versa.  No, I am not Adele...I used to name songs I'd write by letters before I gave them real names, so why not do something like that with frankens? This isn't my first franken, but it's the first one I'm really posting about here.  It's also the first one I've actually felt like wearing! Yay!

1, Two coats
Top: NYC - Grand Central Station

Do you see what I mean when I say disappearing glitter? As you can actually see in the swatch photo, I've used charcoal and purple glitter (my favorite colors!) in a milky white base.  In photos, however, it just looks like vanilla ice cream with vanilla bean specks.  Although that's delicious, it's not what I was going for! You can see more glitter in real life, but the truth is it's just very very micro.  Since staring at it all day won't help me fix it...I've left room in the bottle so you can help me alter the recipe!

Is this too subtle? Should I add more clear? Should I add more glitter? Do I need to up the purple? Is it just too plain?


  1. I would add some clear so that the base color is more jelly-like, then try some bigger glitter pieces (or more of the little glitter that's in there, whichever you like better).

  2. This is awesome! I love the idea of using white as a base for a glitter franken!


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