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Monday, March 26, 2012


Happy Stuff!
As predicted, I'm flaking on this Sinful Sunday (however, there are some in this post!).  Today was my first beauty shopping outing in a while, and although I finally got to a point where I didn't have any "I NEED TO BUY THIS NOW" polishes, I came home with more - of course.  I got some good deals though, yay!

From Meijer:
Sinful Colors - Purple Diamond, Thimbleberry (No new shades? I'm surprised at myself!)
NYC - Grand Central Station (Top coat)
Wet N' Wild - Bow In My Presence (the blueish one!)

From Ulta:
Revlon - Whimsical (finally...)
Essence - A Lovely Secret (!!!)

From Ulta as well:
Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain - Passion (Look for the $2 coupon on the Ulta display!)
Essence - Neon Sweetie Kajal Pencil (Yellow!)
From Express:
Love Express Fragrance Pencil ($10 Sale + Extra 30% off!)
From H&M:
Braided Headband

Also from Express:
Clutch ($10 Sale + Extra 30% off! I should post all the bags and such I've bought lately!)

Bonus bathroom photo of me being vain.  Playing with my new headband, eyeliner, and lip stain!

See you soon for Week 13's Ruffian and a manicure from today's haul :)


  1. Wonderful haul!!! :D  (YAY, I just got Whimsical too! XD).
    Wow, you are really pretty!! :O

  2. Love the haul and you are so pretty there being vain. Haha. I'm so jealous you found the WnW - I haven't been able to find them anywhere!

  3. haha you girls are so sweet :]
    Go to meijer!!! I have a suspicion Walgreens might have it too - mine usually updates faster than CVS and Rite Aid

  4. you've made me blush :] hahaha..and I love whimsical, I'm already wearing it!

  5. bow in my presence is amazing! I also love your headband :) so cute!


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