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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 13 - Ruffian and Happy Birthday Fang!

In my last post, I forgot to say Happy Birthday to my puppy-now-doggy, Fang.  He turned 1 one March 24th! My mom decided to give him a hat, which he despised. :)

Now, back to the point.  I spiced up last week's Sinful Sunday with some Ruffian action!

Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine, Two coats
Funky Fingers - Riot, Two Coats
(aka Color Club - Express Yourself)
Top: NYC - Grand Central Station, Two coats

Both of these polishes hate being photographed! I didn't try to manipulate the colors to make them look more accurate like last time, but see the difference?!  Both polishes have a neon matte finish, and are brighter in person.  Riot dried darker than the bottle, but it may have been due to my extremely thick coats; since this was my first try at a ruffian, I was clumsy and had to go over things again.  Luckily, two generous coats of top coat smoothed everything out! I like the Ruffian look, but hate the dodgy lines - next time, I'll use tip guides.
I thought this phone photo looked cuter than a regular photo.
Tie-dye effect while removing!
Perfect match for this dress I'll never get to wear in public!


  1. aww Fang is so cute! Love the mani too!

  2. nice! mine didn't turn out so well.....oh well. Happy B-day Fang!

  3. I love the mani. loving those colours together! & Happy Birthday to Fang! :]

  4. Is there a blog I can connect your name with or do you just do the challenges on your own? I'd love to see :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Fang! And I usually really don't like ruffians but I love the color combination of this mani! 

  6. Love this color combo! So pretty! Haha and happy birthday to your puppy/doggy, he is so cute!


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