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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sinful Sunday - Rise and Shine

Another Commitment?
Hi! Last summer I bought a bunch of punchy Sinful Colors polishes that have been neglected.  Should I try to swatch one every Sunday? I'd post my weekly challenge posts later in the week, don't worry.  Now that the weather is better, I should be able to do my nails more often...I think.

Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine, Two coats
No base, no top

Let's start with a St. Patrick's Day appropriate color! Rise and Shine is a greeny turquoise color that hates being photographed.  I wouldn't have gotten this one if I had only seen it online - the camera turns it SO blue, so these pictures have been adjusted a bit - notice my red fingers?  In real life, this color is even brighter! Oh, and it's a subtly shimmered neon/matte finish.

I had to reapply this one a few times, but that's only because I was outside, and things are just fussy oustide for me.  Hair in the face, sun in the eyes...Anyway, this is one of my favorite colors in my collection, and I don't notice many companies making colors like this.  The only comparable shades I can think of are China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise and Sally Hansen - Mint Sprint.

Everyone cross your fingers and hope for me that this one doesn't stain! I want to post more often, because I have things I've been hiding...so see you soon!

PS - Find my St. Patricks Day nails on Nouveau Cheap's St. Patrick's Day Manicure Roundup!


  1. Oh this is nice! I like it. I'm going to have to look for this now.

  2. I have this color but I haven't worn it yet. I'm not quit to that drawer of my helmer yet, lol. Looks pretty! 

  3. Oooh, wish I'd have seen that one when Walgreens had their 99 cent sale on Sinful Colors. Even with the heavy color adjusting, I can see the turquoise-ness.  Looks adorable!

  4. Love this bright turquoise, it's so pretty! And Sinful Sundays sounds like an awesome idea, it has a nice ring to it!

  5. Actually, I never saw this one at my Walgreens...I bought it from Target, and it may be at Meijer as well.  It's weird but smart how they only have certain shades in certain stores!


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