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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nail Mail/Hauls

EL/NYC/eBay/Giveaway Prize/March Julep
Whoa, that's a lot of polish sources.  Click through for some ULTIMATE HAULAGE.  I did some traveling last week, and boy did I go crazy.

Icing Magnetix - Blue and Silver
Before I left town, I finally got ahold of these! I need to go back for the gold and red, when they're back in stock (and not "wonky"). I have a drafted post on this waiting!

Urban Outfitters - Dust, Afterhours
While in EL, I went to Urban Outfitters to pick up Dunnys and walked out with polish. They're overpriced, but I don't have any of the new ones, and I just love the bottles.

Wet N' Wild Spoiled - Trust Fund Baby, Pet My Peacock
Wet N' Wild Color Icon - It's All in the Cut
L'oreal Infallible Eye Shadow - Bronzed Taupe

Leaving EL, I walked into CVS before my bus arrived. This was after putting a bunch back! Do I wish I had less self restraint?

Funky Fingers - Kenyan Sunset (aka Color Club - Wild At Heart), Riot (aka Color Club - Express Yourself), Paparazzi (aka Color Club - Jingle Jangle)
On the way to New York, we made a bathroom stop and happened upon a Five Below in PA! I could have spent all day (or at least all wallet) here, but that would be rude to NYC. I've wanted to own Color Clubs for a while now...since I'm nail blog savvy, I knew that Funky Fingers is from the same company and offer the same polishes in different packaging! I kind of dislike the bottles, but hey - love these colors! Love the price too: 3/$5!
Kenyan Sunset in action: Week 10 - Polka Dot
Sally Hansen HD - BLU, Spectrum
Another 3/$5 at Five Below...I really wish we had that store around here. A lot.

Hahaha and I bought a $5 tee. Giggles.

Butter London - No More Waity, Katie
Okay, we're in New York now! Ricky's had a nice selection of Butter London, wow. I finally decided to splurge on one, because you can do things like that when you're out of town! Also I picked up some tacky/cute hair clips for a dollar.

Revlon - Emerald City (Matte Suede)
Burts Bee's - 3 Step Regimen

At one of the gazillion Duane Reades, I picked up some clearance Revlon, and some acne-away for my brother. He refused it so I guess I'll use it myself.

Inglot - 204
The Inglot store is so cute! I wish I got to spend more than 2 minutes inside, but my enabler bought me this purple flakie.  I hope it curbs my desire for Finger Paints - Motley!

When I got home, I had some mail waiting for me! Yay! Ebay dotting tools, a pair of unpictured $1 earrings, and...

...a bubbly package from Cathy at Need More Nails! Want to see what goodies I won from her giveaway?

Essence - True Love, Gold Old Buffy, Into the Dark, The Dawn is broken, Hunt Me if You Can
The whole Vampire's Love collection from Essence! While I'm not really a vampire fan, I'm ecstatic because Essence collections aren't around here...and I've been wanting flecked greys like Misa - Grey Matters, Illamasqua - Raindrops, and...Essence - The Dawn is Broken! Wahoo!

Julep March It Girl Box
No...no, no no...I don't feel like showing you the insides because I'm mad at myself.  I forgot to change style profiles (or cancel), and they wouldn't let me after the date...No...I'm unhappy. No...:(

Besides that last little bit! I love everything so far, but I really think I need a break from buying polish...sadly.


  1. Fun stuff! Coming home to nail mail is the best thing ever :-) 

  2. the top coat from it girl is kinda pretty tho!

  3. I'm giving that one to a friend! I just really wanted to try the argan oil, and they are only offering it separately now for 24 or 26 dollars or something.  I'm just upset that the one time I didn't want It Girl, I forgot to switch :(

  4. Ooh CVS! I walked by with a friend yesterday and then FORGOT to go back in. Whoops. Still haven't gotten around to buying matte yet. Soon!


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