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Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 9 - Vintage

Please don't buy this polish + EL Adventures
After 5-6 days of wear.  I'm doing a really bad job in terms of effort on this 52-week challenge...Since it was 3 AM at the time, I just threw on some vintage colors and accented with stamps from M57 again.  I wanted to do something more, but I've been out of town for the past week.  The good news is that I picked up a TON of polish to show you very soon!

Wet N' Wild Megalast- Bite the Bullet, one coat
Urban Outfitters - Bar Stool, two coats (accent)
Konad Plate - M57
Base: I forget...it was a round bottle, but not Beauty Secretes...sorry!
Top: NYC - Grand Central Station

Why don't I have bottle photos? Bite the bullet belonged to a friend, and I bought and exchanged Bar Stool right after this manicure. DO NOT BUY URBAN OUTFITTERS - BARSTOOL! It's thin, draggy, and never dried. I'm pretty sure it wasn't because of the base coat either.  I have a high tolerance for crappy polish, and hated this.  Spare yourself.

I got to go to East Lansing last weekend and spend time with my freshman year roommates (that's 4 years ago!).  So I finally let somebody I know see my nail blog: hi Becky and maybe Sora...embarassed.  Maybe I'll show others soon.

It was probably the most time we've spent all together since then, and I got to do their nails!

Also, as a tradition we buy each other those randomnized vinyl figurines from Urban Outfitters...usually scary Dunnys.  They say bye!


  1. Love the yummy breakfasts & dunnys! The avocado one is really cute!

  2. Ha! Awesome post! I like the nails. 

  3. may not be the most original you've done, but still super cute! so funny that you were near my neck of the woods (i'm in lansing) lol

  4. Late reply I know, but I just remembered this comment! I love finding Michigan nail polish lovers :) I went to MSU until last year, so I was in your neck of the woods for a long time..haha


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