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Friday, April 13, 2012

P&K - Lady Luck and Lucky Street

[Not my] Franken Friday?
I know it's Fish Egg Friday but I don't have any microbeads, so here are the polishes I won from Candy Coated Tips's Giveaway! These are from Pams & Kin on Etsy and they are my first indie polishes.  You may or may not recognize this as part of the base from the bunny nails in my Easter post.  Keep reading to see what I thought...

L-R: P&K - Lady Luck, Lucky Street
P&K - Lady Luck, two coats
No Base, No Top

First up is Lady Luck - a leaf green polish jam-packed with gold shimmers.  I thought this one might be brushstrokey, but not at all! It dries to a shimmery satin finish - I am loving these kinds of polishes lately (Revlon Matte Suedes!)

P&K - Lady Luck, two coats
P&K - Lucky Street, one coat
No Base, No Top

Then I added Lucky Street - green, gold, and holo hex glitter with holo microglitter in a tinted green base.  It didn't dry too gritty; barely any texture on this one.  Here is the blurry holo goodness! Unfortunately, I don't see this one in their shop right now. :(
P&K - Lady Luck
P&K - Lucky Street (over Lady Luck)

Now these are not colors I would have picked on my own...but overall, I'm very pleased with these polishes.  The formulas were great - Lady Luck was a smooth 2 coater and Lucky Street didn't have me fishing for glitters.  I love looking at indie glitter bomb polishes like Lynnderella, but P&K has a lot of polishes I can actually see myself wearing around.

I first was drawn to the P&K packaging and simplicity, but there were barely any swatch photos online :( Basically, I think more bloggers need to get into P&K and post swatch photos - sharing is caring! So visit Pams and Kin on Etsy.

No, I have nothing to do with P&K.  I just liked these polishes a lot and envy indie polish companies.


  1. I had never heard of Pams and Kin but those polishes are lovely!

  2. Beautiful greens, I love that glitter! I've been eying Pams & Kin's etsy shop but haven't gotten around to buying anything yet... when I get enough money this must be remedied!

  3. Loving the combo :]

    I've nominated you for a blogger award, which has just been posted if you want to check it out :]

  4. Those are both pretty on their own and together :)


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