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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 17 - Earth Day

I know I just posted last week's challenge yesterday, but it's Earth Day! Did everybody do their Zoya Earth Day exchange? I'm putting in an order tonight. :)

 L-R: P&K - Lady Luck, Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away!

P&K - Lady Luck, Two coats
Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away!, One coat (Saran wrapped layer)
No Base
Top: NYC - Grand Central Station

Don't they look like little globes? I used the Saran Wrap Nails Tutorial from Nailed It.  I grabbed all my blues and greens and chose ones with differing finishes.  In real life the marbled effect is subtle, but I'm liking it! This method was actually very simple.  One tip I'd suggest though:
Instead of dabbing the Saran wrap onto my nails, I put the Saran ball on my work surface (weigh it down with something!) and tapped my nails onto the wrap a few times.  I did this so I wouldn't accidentally touch the wrap to my wet nails while holding it.

Instagram photo because it looks cool! Go try this now! It's very rewarding.  Major haul today and ordering Zoyas today = great haul post soon!!!


  1. This is really gorgeous!  Great Earth Day mani!  

  2. Gorgeous color. Perfect for Earth Day

  3. Those look absolutely amazing! And I like that it looks like it's a neater version of a marble!

  4. Totally cool! I love it. I'm going to have to try this saran wrap technique.

  5. this is great idea!) looks awesome!


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