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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nail Mail/Hauls

Lemmings must die!
Hellooo! Today's haul post has a bunch of polishes I've been thinking about for a while. My China Glaze collection has doubled :)

From Walgreens:
Sinful Colors - Vacation Time (I was trying to kill my want for Zoya - Marcella, but it wasn't enough! I still ordered her from the Earth Day sale)
Wet 'N Wild - Lavender Creme (No.  It's pink.  Who named this?)
From Sally: PURPLE!!!
China Glaze - Flying Dragon
China Glaze - Grape Juice
China Glaze - Secret Periwinkle
From Sally: Up close these resemble Zoya bottles, but they are tiny - see first photo if you don't believe me!
Sally Girl - Epic
Sally Girl - TTFN
Sally Girl - Peabody
Sally Girl - U Glow Girl (Glow in the dark!)
From Sally: (The display wasn't out yet, but this one was from the back room - I can't decide if I really wanted it, or if I was just trying to take advantage of feeling special...:()
Orly - Beach Cruiser
From Ulta:
NYX - Mysterious Brown Eyes 10 palette
Essence Colour & Go - Nude It
A look inside the NYX palette.  I had high hopes for this one, but after testing a bit I'm feeling unsure...
From Amanda/Fashion Footing's blog sale:
China Glaze - Trendsetter
Revlon Matte Suede - Powder Puff
AND...yesterday I found my #AmandasBirthdayWeekGiveaway package, also from Amanda! She remembered I was considering buying this from her blog sale, what a sweetie :)
China Glaze - Ghoulish Glow
Swatches! I forgot to mark how many layers of TTFN I used, but I think it was 2...also, Trendsetter and Powder Puff aren't on here because I got those earlier, sorry...
L-R: China Glaze - Ghoulish Glow, Sally Girl - U Glow Girl, Sally Girl - Peabody, Sally Girl - TTFN, China Glaze - Secret Periwinkle, Sally Girl - Epic, China Glaze - Grape Juice, China Glaze - Flying Dragon, Orly - Beach Cruiser, Wet 'N Wild - Lavender Creme, Sinful Colors - Vacation Time, Essence - Nude It

In writing this post, I've noticed that I've written "Wet N' Wild" everywhere, but the apostrophe is on the left...that's going to bother me.  Anyway, so many colors! Everything is is so different too, and they make a great rainbow! I think that's a sign that I made good decisions.  I hope these colors have brightened your day. :)

Lastly, I promised my irl and now-blogger friend Amy I would post my Instagram photo of all the China Glazes we bought.  I loved her choices and may go back for them.  CG<3
(If you're curious, this is China Glaze - White Cap, Optical Illusion, Shower Together, Secret Periwinkle, Grape Juice, Flying Dragon, Strawberry Fields)


  1. I always put Flying Dragon back when I'm at Sally's but I think I need to get it. So fun! YAY! 

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  3. Maybe the Wet n' Wild was mislabeled? I have an OPI that i KNOW isn't the name it's labeled, but i'm not sure what it's called.

  4. Gorgeous colors! I'm so jealous. And I love your comment on "who named this?" too funny! I need to make some swatch sticks.

  5. so many pretties!! very pretty :D

  6. Wonderful haul!!! :D  I really like the stick-nail-things that you put your swatches on! :D

  7. Ooo! Looking forward to seeing more of these :D

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  9. <3333 That was such a fun day! I can't wait for a repeat :)


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