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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not Nails: Happy Valentine's Day!

Sharing the Love
Here's a post with no nails! Don't be mad, there are presents!

First let me direct you to these heart brushes I made.  I know a lot of you bloggers use Photoshop, and what better way to "cutesy up" your photos than some heart brushes? Don't worry, it's easy.  Click to go download, extract the .abr file, and load the brush set! Go crazy!

...and a song! From me to you.


  1. Very cute post! Love the brushes, downloading them <3 <3

    I followed you, check out mine?

  2. How did I miss this post??  Great song Cindy!! :)

  3.  aw, thanks..I'm glad I get to secretly share things like this with the internet :P

  4. OK so I'm so behind on posts and I just got to this one. I'm sad I use a Mac because I'd love those brushes. And that song - it's great! You're really good and your voice is gorgeous. Please share more with us!!

  5.  oh! I'll look into making mac compatible brushes next time...I never really thought about it. big oops!
    and thanks so much for your nice comments, haha :')


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