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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Preview: March 2012 Julep Maven Boxes

Julep - Express Yourself Collection
I've combined all the information from my email, my Julep account page, and Julep's blog post, so this post is very PICTURE HEAVY.  I'm so happy that Julep decided to post swatches of the polish, everyone should see them before making a final decision! I've also included my thoughts, to help me see what I want...ignore them or help me! Now let's jump:

My Thoughts: I like Kelly.  Emma, meh for me.

My Thoughts: I want Alicia.  Portia looks really cool, but it looks like something I just got..if I hadn't, this would've been my sure choice.  Sad.

My Thoughts: Intrigued.  Both polishes are unlike anything in my collection; however, I hardly wear colors like Natasha, and I might like Sofia solely for looking at in the bottle (do you have colors you do this to?).  Torn.

My Thoughts: I love purple! I need a nice dainty nude creme! I think I want this box! Oh wait - both Brooke and Jennifer have "sheer" in the description.  Slight devastation.

My Thoughts: "...but I want to try the Argan oil!" I love purple, but I feel like I have something similar enough to Charlotte.  Jodie seems nice, but not very me.  Melissa is cool, but I can find an alternative.  Note that Jodie and Charlotte aren't new, so don't get them again by accident!

Remember: Don't skip this month if you want a chance at the golden box, with the whole Express Yourself collection! I was lucky enough to win the Oscar collection last month, so yes! It's possible! It's a big day brightener!

So...if you've been paying attention to my ramblings, I pretty much want 50% of each style.  That's depressing, right? Boho Glam makes me sad...but I'm leaning towards Classic With a Twist and Bombshell.  Someone make my decision for me!

Not to be blatant, but getting one more referral would make my decision much easier! So if you haven't gotten in on the Julep Maven action yet, I'd love if you used my link here.
Enter the coupon code SHAREONFEB to get your first box for $1!


  1. Ha!!  I had the same dilemma this month!! I'm an It-Girl and LOVE getting 3 polishes but REALLY want to try the Argan Oil. I ended up (literally after 40 minutes of deliberation and pouring over the Julep Blog photos) going with American Beauty!  Good Luck!  :)

  2. I'm sticking with it girl. I don't have anything like the colors included and I'm not into the argan oil.

  3. I went with Bombshell... My style profile claims I'm an American Beauty but I don't think I've ever kept the American Beauty box! I always change it! LOL

  4. I haven't done the Julep thing yet, i guess I should!!


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