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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zoya - Jules and Nicole by OPI - It's Not Me, It's Blue

Here I have a fairly simple gradient manicure.  This will probably hold up for a while, so I predict I'll be a little late on my Week 8 post...

  Zoya - Jules, Two coats
  Nicole by OPI - It's Not Me, It's Blue, Gradient

Top: NYC - Grand Central Station

I was going to put a glitter over Jules, but I didn't want to cover up the pretty shimmer! That's when I spotted the ridiculous Nicole nose-bottle (I HATE THESE BOTTLES) and made a gradient.  I wouldn't call It's Not Me, It's Blue "blue", but some people call me crazy.  Both polishes have a shimmery finish, with pinky purple microglitters that show up in the light.  Overall I think this looks nice, but I have things to say.

I don't have a picture of Jules alone is because I had a terrible time with it. Problems with Zoya polish - are you surprised? Me too! The first one I bought (Yara) was a friggin pleasure to apply, and it was back when I wasn't really good at neat manicures.  Recently I used Marley, and it gave me trouble too! Both Jules and Marley had uneven coverage for me and I had to really pile on the polish to make up for it.  I hope this is my fault, because I don't hear people complain about their Zoyas. :(

One last thing.  I finally got my nails to the point where they were squared off, but the corners keep breaking! In these photos, you can see my index finger is rounded off...Shorter rounded nails would allow me to start playing guitar again, but I loved how they looked square, especially with french tips! I'm torn (get it?).  I need help...how did you decide how to shape your nails?


  1. I like these two colors together

  2. keep your fretboard hand one way (short) and your strum hand long. over the years i've forced my nails to grow squared, mainly because of how i cut them.....i cut the quick how i wanted the nail to grow out (just don't cut too much).
    Anyway, nice gradient!

  3. I LOVE this gradient!!  I find that Zoya's are hit or miss, most are pretty good but there are a few in my collection that I just use for nail art.

  4. thanks for the advice! Only my index fingers grow completely rounded, so maybe I should try this with them!


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