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Monday, April 30, 2012

Gap - Gold Rush

Dupe Alert!
Here's the latest green gold duochrome goodness Chanel Peridot dupe! I was never inclined to buy the real thing, but for $6 - wahoo! Peridot is my birthstone anyway, and the color has really grown on me.  Let's go on!

 There's a silly reflective plastic cap, but it's easily removed to reveal a slightly Chanel handle (see first photo).
Gap - Gold Rush, Two coats
No Base, No Top

 In this photo you can see more of the brushstrokes which I usually hate, but the duochrome effect really masks it.  I promise.
The ingredients list peels off (therefore I'll probably lose it), and this polish seems to be Big 3 Free.  Plus one!
Here's my instagram photo of Gold Rush, because I absolutely could not get the duochrome to show up with my DSLR.  Any tips on photographing duochromes, girls? I've seen comparison photos, and this dupe looks spot on to me.  The formula is a bit on the runny side, but everything was good to go in 2 coats.  This one is a winner.

As a sidenote, my Gap also had 68 cent tights marked down from 2 for $20! They had 5ish kinds at my store, mostly darker opaque colors.  So go buy a million tights and Gold Rush!!!

Oh, and sorry for disappearing for a bit - I've been saying goodbye to graduating friends and threw up my insides this morning.  I'm still not sure why, but I'm over it anyway.


  1. So pretty! i didnt even know gap sold nail polish!!! I will be going to gap pretty soon now thanks to you! lol

  2. I would kill for this polish it is so gorgeous. Glad to see you are going to try to continue the challenge :O)

  3. good dupe!)
    I think it's best to photograph duochromes under indirect day light

  4. Love it. I don't have a Gap anywhere near me but oh well. And I hope that you feel better! 

  5. Oooh this is gorgeous, I love the instagram pics! Must go to gap!

  6. Beautiful dupe for an awesome price!

  7. I just got this! freakin' beautiful. 

  8. pretty color! I never wear tights (hardly ever?) but I want to go out and get a million even though I know this post is a few weeks old and it wouldn't even work. 


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