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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 14 - Stripes

These are stripes, right?
Posting two days in a row because yesterday lacked photos! This post has been in my drafts for quite a while now...I'm actually wearing "real" stripes right now, but I'm saving them for next week! Magnetic polish has always intrigued me, but its inflated price never appealed to me.  Now that there are more and cheaper options, I decided it was time to give in.  These are a bit small (0.33 oz) and cost $9 each, or BOGO 1/2 off.  Icing and Claire's? That seemed silly and janky to me at first, but the swatches online proved me wrong! To Icing I went!

Pictured with his silver friend!

Icing Magnetix - Blue (unnamed), 1 and 2 coats*
Diagonal Lines Magnet

No base, no top.

*Okay, do you see that? 1 and 2 coats? Application wasn't as scary and difficult as everyone online made it out to be! Everyone's been saying to use two coats, or thick coats, but I didn't find that necessary at all.  I just put one normal coat of polish, didn't even hurry that much, and everything was fine! You can always mess up on the first layer, then try again on the second! Room for error. :)

Let's talk about the magnets.  It was pretty tough to remove the caps, so I'm leaving mine off.  So yes, they come off - don't give up! Also, since most people pick up two at a time (BOGO 1/2 off), I'm pretty sure the straight magnets come with the gold and silver, and the wavy magnets come with the blue and red.  Personally I prefer the straight magnet; I've seen other brands with closer set stripes, but maybe these just look sparse on my shorter nails.
It was pretty hard for me to distinguish the magnets just from looking at the stickers, so I'll tell you this.  The black and white sticker is the wavy magnet (top in above photo), and the slightly reddish toned sticker is the straight magnet (bottom in above photo).  I don't know why they wouldn't make it more obvious...
This is a pretty color even without the magnet, but SOMEBODY SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME! The magnetized particles have a shifting effect! When you move your nail around, there's an effect similar to how duochrome flashes dance around.  I explained this terribly, so go look for a swatch video on YouTube or something! I love interactive polish! Why didn't somebody tell me?!

Oh yes, and I read somewhere that Icing polishes are 3-free! I hope this includes this one and all of them, because they had some other really unique looking colors.  So go out and get yours now - make sure to check for wonky brushes!

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